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It is always said that Children are precious gifts from God. Therefore, parents who love their children with their hearts always give them the best things in life. So, why don’t you give your children a agarwood bracelet – an amulet for health and fortune just at least for once. If you’re still considering, let Thien Moc Huong list out its uses and the way how to choose the most suitable bracelet – babies charm bracelet for your children.

Maitreya babies charm bracelet
Maitreya babies charm bracelet

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I. The origin and the value of Agarwood – babies charm bracelet

1/ The origin of Agarwood

“Agarwood Tree” does not exist. Agarwood, actually, is a dark aromatic resin that is formed in the heartwood of the aquilaria tree. Many people think that it’s just a simple type of wood which is come from tree. Accordingly, they casually call it “Agarwood tree”.
This bracelet is made from natural Agarwood. Agarwood is formed when Gourd tree (Aquilaria tree) is wounded and this causes a resinous zone to form around the wound. The resin is only formed when the tree is infected with a type of fungus. The aquilaria tree responds to the infection by producing a dark aromatic resin known as Agarwood. It is this process of the infection that produces Agarwood. Without the infection, aquilaria trees will not produce Agarwood.

The Gourd trees, which have Agarwood, are often threadbare with tumors, bumps, borer, termite mounds, shrapnel, shells, or get lightning strikes. It is said that the fragrance of the heavens followed the wind and landed on the wound and blended in to the resin and grew up in nature, is  especially, called the Spirit of Heaven and Earth.

 babies charm bracelet Lac An
babies charm bracelet

There are two types of artificial bracelets: artificial inoculation of agarwood and the oil-pressed agarwood. Artificial inoculation is adequate almost as same as the natural one.Meanwhile, the oil-pressed agarwood is cheaper due to its discoloration and unpleasant smell.


2. The value of Agarwood babies charm Bracelet

It is known as the aura of the Sun and the Earth, containing the smell of nature, Agarwood bracelet has a great deal value in term of Health and Spirituality.

Its value in Health

People believe that Agarwood has a positive impact on how immune system processes inside our body and protect us from harmful insects. Therefore, it is used as an amulet to improve people health and protect them from illness. Moreover, its pleasant smell help people feel comfortable, relax and reduce stress…

In scholarship on the ancient world, there is no doubt that having some type of herbs burned is familiar to Vietnamese people. Burning Agarwood can help purify the atmosphere and improve people’s health. Not only being used  in  Viet Nam, but also Agarwood is popular in other Asia countries such as China, Japan, India. It’s known as a panacea – gift from God. 

The scientists these days have discovered that Agarwood contains benzyl acetone 26%, methoxy benzyl acetone 53%, terpenicol 11%, acid cinnamic … These chemical compounds are playing a part in boosting the immune system. Burning agarwood can bring you a deeply and mentally sleep. This is important to help you eat well, activate your mind and our body..

vòng tĩnh an

Its value in Feng shui and Spirituality. 

Considered to contain the spirit of heaven and earth, the aroma of plants accumulated for decades, therefore, people wear it to dispel evil and attract wealth. Businessperson seriously appreciates the meaning of Agarwood bracelet. Because they think it will help the business favorable and attract more fortune and money.

II. The uses of Agarwood babies charm bracelet for Children

  • The Agarwood Bracelet with a gentle fragrance helps the baby feel relaxed and will help your baby feel more peaceful, optimistic and happier and have a sound sleep.
  • Agarwood bracelet is purchased by many parents and grandparents for their little angels in the family with the wish: The baby is always happy, obedient and gentle.
  • Agarwood is a feng shui material, bringing a sense of security, convenience in life, improving health and eliminating toxic substances.
  •  Agarwood also help children grow up quickly, keep warm for them and protect them from harmful wind.

III. How to choose Agarwood babies charm bracelet for kids

1. Material

It is much better for wearing an authentically natural Agarwood bracelet because the artificial agarwood could be harmful for kids, especially those kids like holding their fingers in mouth and the smell, either, could cause bad things for them.

2. Style

The bracelet which has low weight, small and cute beads is the most suitable for your kids. Beside, the bracelet mixed with silver charm can also help protect your kids from harmful winds. You also must notice about the smell. The one which has a pleasant smell is better.

Agarwood Piscel Bracelet
Agarwood Piscel Bracelet

3. Where to buy babies charm bracelet

These Agarwood jewelry should be bought at some popular and prestigious Agarwood brands with full and clear information about products. This probably help you avoid buying low-quality agarwood.

Through these sharing, we hope you can choose for your kids the most suitable agarwood bracelet. This can be referred as future gifts for them. You can also consult some fengshui agarwood for both men and women to find out your own bracelet.


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