Jade Lotus 108 mala beads bracelet – classic


Agarwise Blissful Beans 108 mala beads bracelet eliminates sorrow, soothes your soul, brings good fortune and wipe away bad energy and negative thoughts.

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    Product Description

    Jade Lotus 108 mala beads bracelet
    Jade Lotus 108 mala beads bracelet

    I. Information

    Material Agarwood 100%

    Country of Origin: Laos

    Number of seeds:  108 seeds (depending on arm size)

    Beads size: 6mm – 7mm – 8mm

    Agarwood ages: 12 – 14 years sedimentary


    + Female’s favourites

    + Gifts for relatives, friends or colleagues, subbordinates

    + Brings good luck, eliminates sorrows

    + Meaningful presents toward Buddha

    II. Jade Lotus 108 mala beads bracelet meaning

    – The lotus flower in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people is considered a flower that fully converges with its philosophical meaning – noble life.

    In the foul-smelling mud, the lotus flower is still blooming and full of its own scent. Although fragile but sturdy, pure, carrying a gentle, discreet fragrance. The ancients used the mettle of the lotus as a person of noble quality. As for the shape of the flower, it is likened to a noble and noble girl. Above all, the lotus flower also speaks to the mettle of the Vietnamese people – strong and fierce.

    – Charm of the stylized lotus flower is made from natural jade stone, containing positive energy, helping the owner’s spirit to be cheerful, happy, and calm. Stone lotus charm combined with Agarwood as a treasure brings wealth and prosperity to the wearer.

    III. Uses of agarwood bracelets

    Agarwood bracelet is a lucky charm for the wearer. Agarwood incense helps dispel feelings of heaviness, relieve stress, neutralize bad omens, attract luck, fortune and bring peace. In married life, husband and wife are always in harmony, understanding each other, and their feelings are sublimated and durable. Look for a bracelet that matches your destiny and brings you money; They also bring serenity, mental clarity, and emotional intelligence in work as well as in life, especially for modern women. A simple Agarwood bracelet will make them more attractive and confident. Simple but noble, sophisticated.

    IV. Agarwood Production Pipelines

    Agarwood Production Process


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