Pixiu 108 beads agarwood bracelet with 24k gold – classic


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Agarwood Bracelet with golden charm pixiu is made from Agarwood type from Laos. The pixiu Charm is made from 9999 Gold which adds high-end value to the bracelet and the wearer.

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    Pixiu 108 beads agarwood bracelet

    Product information

    Material Agarwood + 24k Gold
    Country of Origin
    Number of beads
    108 beads 
    Agarwood ages:
    12 – 14 years sedimentary

    Gifts for relatives, friends or colleagues, subordinates
    Overcoming 108 types of affliction, anxiety
    Meaning reunion, peaceful

    Pixiu 108 beads agarwood bracelet Description:

    1. General discovery of product:

    Pixiu 108 beads agarwood bracelet is a product of the most popular collection of Agarwood bracelet in Thien Moc Huong. It is made from the agarwood of Laos combined with feng shui 24k gold charm. Each design is a unique wish that Thien Moc Huong brings to our customers.

    This bracelet is made from Laos Agarwood and it has 108 beads. Its smell helps owners feel comfortable, reduce stress, clear and refresh your mind. This bracelet is also a symbol of Buddhism. It is such a precious gift for everybody.

    2. The meaning of Pixiu’s image:

    People said that Pixiu is the mascot that neutralizes the colossal elements of killing – the kind of killing that is not good for health and fortune. If you own a Pixiu on your side, you can be assured of the spiritual value that it brings.Pixiu liked to eat gold and silver but did not have an anus, so he ate only without releasing. Because of that, it has a very good effect on both attracting fortune and keeping lucky.

    Additionally, Pixiu has a brave spirit, specializes in biting the blood of the devil, so they dare not come close. Therefore, carrying on your side will have a destiny effect, exorcise It can be seen that gold is one of the feng shui items used most in business and life.

    3. An exquisite elegance bracelet for women

    Being inspired by the flower symbolizes of spring plus the high quality of Agarwood, this bracelet is definitely a luxurious and fashionable jewelry which means to bring peaceful and patience in life.

    Agarwood actually is a son of Mother Nature which has magic to bring good luck, good health, prosperity to the owner. It is also a feng shui bracelet, a talisman whenever there is a combination between agarwood and Golden Pixiu. It is suitable for everyone and becomes the very first option to be chosen as an elegant jewelry.

    Quickly become one of the modern customers who own this trendy bracelet TODAY.


    4. Trendy bracelet

    As feng shui bracelets, when you worn, they will bring peace of mind, mental intelligence about work and life, especially for men. Wearing a bracelet on the left hand in important meetings, auctions, and conferences will help homeowners get the chance and good luck.


    Agarwood Production Process
    Agarwood Production Process

    2 reviews for Pixiu 108 beads agarwood bracelet with 24k gold – classic

      Pixiu 108 beads agarwood bracelet with 24k gold - classic photo review
      September 16, 2020
      Strong Pixiu mean good fortune
      The bracelet sense is very different from what i used to wore, its nice and gently. The Pixiu is like my spirit holy animal, son of the dragon.
      0 0
      Pixiu 108 beads agarwood bracelet with 24k gold - classic photo review
      September 14, 2020
      so cute
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    Pixiu 108 beads agarwood bracelet with 24k gold - classic