Agarwood bead and its applications in spiritual life

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Among numerous products made from Agarwood; Agarwood bead is an item that allows the users to always carry with them; as a fashion accessory; and also as a precious gift from nature for their mental and physical health. Agarwood bead is also an indispensable item in solemn rituals of many religions around the world.

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Distinguishing between Thien Moc Huong’s Agarwood bracelets and Agarwood bead

According to those mental and physical benefits. there are two types of Agarwood products that can offer. Agarwood bracelet and Agarwood bead. Basically, these two products are both made from Agarwood; (of Aquilaria trees). The wood is chopped down. Shape and polished into round beads of different sizes. Depending on customers’ preferences; and desired sizes. Those Agarwood bead are strung together; to make bracelets or beads.

Agarwood bracelet is a type of jewelry. Which made from Agarwood for those; who want to keep the essence of heaven and earth; of the time, of the gods; beads strung into a single ring to wear on the wrist.

Agarwood beads
This is an item that allows the users to always carry with them, as a fashion accessory and also as a precious gift from nature for their mental and physical health. Agarwood bead is also an indispensable item in solemn rituals of many religions around the world.

In addition, to meet the spiritual, religious needs; Agarwood bead designed with the beads of Agarwood; are usually smaller in diameter than the beads of bracelets. Agarwood bead is much longer than Agarwood bracelet; and can be worn in many rings; or used as a rosary beads. The number of beads in one Agarwood bead is also carefully calculated; according to notions of different religions.

Agarwood applications

Agarwood has long been regarded as a sacred object of heaven and earth; embodying the essence of time, of the divine world in different beliefs of each person, each religion. Therefore bringing with you Agarwood bead; user can feel the peace of heaven and earth, the guard agaisnt evil spirits. Agarwood also helps to attract good lucks; fortunes and peace to the owner.

Plus, the deep sweet woody scent from Agarwood grain in each beads; when being rubbed into the skin will radiate pleasant aroma to calm the mind; bring in a relaxed feeling.

In religious ceremonies. That Agarwood is used as a rosary bead; to mark the cycle of prayers. The beads help meditation practitioners to focus on the mantras; or meditation process easier. Whenever a finger touches an Agarwood bead; the faithfuls control the number of prayers by the minimum of conscious effort; to concentrate the mind and energy on prayers.

Agarwood beads
Agarwood has long been regarded as a sacred object of heaven and earth

After going through religious rituals are imbued the blessings from the gods and cherished by the faithfuls. As a result, the Agarwood bead becomes a believer object among the gods and faithfuls; always guard the spiritual aspect of human lives.

Muslims, Buddhists, etc. can also use this as an ornament to show respect for their religion. Agarwood bead can be worn on neck; wirst or simply carried along as an amulet, a memory object.


Spiritual meanings of Thien Moc Huong’s different types of Agarwood beads


In Islam, the prayer bead known as Misbaha or Tasbih; usually has 99 beads, corresponding to 99 names of Allah. Thien Moc Huong’s Agarwood bead has natural dark brown color; no artificial color or chemical added, 8mm in diameter or customized as requirements, suitable for Muslims.

Agarwood beads

Includes 108 beads. According to Buddhism, the bead; also known as Japa Mala, is the most common bead with 108 beads; indicating to the 108 Tamiries that eliminate 108 negativities. Thien Moc Huong’s Agarwood bead has light natural wood color; absolutely no use of chemicals or artificial colors.

Agarwood beads
According to Buddhism, the bead, also known as Japa Mala,

Immature Agarwood bead

Thien Moc Huong’s bead is made from immature Agarwood. So the amount of oil is less than the oil in beads made from mature Agarwood. Immature Agarwood bead composes of 108 beads in the Buddhist concept; meaning the same; but the fragrance is more subtle.

Benifit of wearing Agarwood bead

Because of the long and extremely rare process of formation over decades; AGARWOOD – the “King of Feng Shui” “is not only a treasure of accumulating the essence of heaven and earth,;but also has many great uses. The agarwood is valued; because its distinctive fragrance. Wearing bracelets agarwood helps the business go smoothly; and eliminates the misfortune and the career path of expansion.

Agarwood bring life energy to a peaceful, peaceful soul.

Agarwood seeds after the religious rituals are also imbued with the essence; the blessings from the gods, the faithful cherished with them. As a result, the bead becomes a believer among the gods and followers; always guarding the spiritual side of the human soul.

Stress relief: Essence from agarwood bracelets will create a feeling of peace; relaxation and comfort, help relieve nervous tension, dispel anxiety

Benifit of wearing Agarwood beads
Benifit of wearing Agarwood

Aging Skin: Natural essential agarwood oil; from bracelets is one of the strongest antioxidants in the skin; helping to protect the skin cells, acne, and pore; prevents wrinkles and even helps the skin area shrink and tighten.

Heath treatment naturally: agarwood is able to treat and overcome the cold, flu. With the ability to kill bacteria; strong antimicrobial; essential oils will help clean the airways; make phlegm in the lungs, throat. This is also effective for people with allergies, asthma.


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