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Besides of the full of material, you want to reach joyness in your mind. Agarwood pen is the part of your desire

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    Agarwood pen: Besides of the full of material, you want to reach joyness in your mind. Agarwood pen is the part of your desire.

    I.  Agarwood pen Information:

    Material: Agarwood
    Country of Origin: Laos
    Agarwood ages: 10-14 years sedimentary
    Female, Male
    + Gifts for relatives, friends or colleagues, subordinates
    + Brings good luck for your work

    II. Description:

    This pen is a gift from nature with wood style. This pen not only brings unique beauty but also gives its owner a high feng shui value. Agarwood Pen is very popular, often used as a gift, and it is very attractive to business customers with the meaning of luck and respect.

    1. Usages:

    The first attraction of Agarwood Pen is that it brings luck to users. Agarwood Pen has the effect of regulating blood pressure, againsting evil spirits, wind-breaking and is often carried like a talisman. 

    No one can deny the meaning when giving it to friends, relatives, partners … It is a meaningful gift, because the pen is the source for the building of his career, and is also one of the keys to the success of life.

    agarwood pen

    Combining Agarwood with feng shui can ward off evil spirits, bring luck in life, help users get better in business and promotion.

    The incense of agarwood emits more when holding in hand to keep the spirit always fresh and clear, which helps homeowners always make the smartest decisions.

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    2. A valuable gift- agarwood pen:

    When using the pen, the recipient will always think of you with the best affection. Maybe when looking at the pen, they’ll think of the meaning you want to convey, and strive to achieve be successful. Since beyond the pen, it is your heart put in it.

    Pens with high humanity values: Giving pen a sense of satisfied to many people. Specially, it is meaningful when their profession are teachers, journalists, writers, business people.

    Long-lasting value: Pens do not fade like flowers, do not spoil like food, do not be as crude as money, … Pens follow the giver every day, every month, every year if carefully preserved and preserved .

    Agarwood pen is an expression of linguistic culture, instead of words expressing knowledge, feelings and emotions of each person. At the same time, the pen is an indispensable tool at work. It conveys thoughts, records human creativity and reserves the words or characters of each individual. After material adequacy is a complete spiritual desire, owning Tram Tram Huong is part of that desire.

    agarwood pen

    III. Agarwood production process:

    Agarwood Production Process


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