3 Significance of 14k gold rosary bracelet

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Nowadays, the trend of wearing the spiritual bracelets or beads in more popular. Not only this one is good for your destiny, but it also help your perception in spirituality enhanced. The 14K gold rosary bracelet is one of the beautiful beads that have been used. This bracelet is also easy to clean, you just need to wipe it by specialized jewelry cleaner or gently wipe is okay. The white gold rosary bracelet is a simple of Catholic and Christianity. If you are Catholism, you need to read this content to understand more about the rosary bracelet baby. Your work, study and life will be developed better when you wear this bracelet. So you should have one for yourself and and also giving it to relatives and friends. The white rosary bracelet also bring the fortune for its owner, eliminating evil and negative thought. Furthermore, it also help you a lot in meditation and yoga.

meditation in Buddha
meditation by bracelet

I. What is 14k gold rosary bracelet:

The rosary bracelet gold is an accessory that used a lot in praying in Buddhism. The monks use simple rosary bracelets that do not have gold. Besides, the ingredients to make a rosary bracelet gold  are a variety. Not only this one is a bracelet, but it also an amulet to bring luck for its owner. This special bracelet have a lot of meaning in many countries. Rosary bracelet string is a thing for people who believe in their region- Catholic. No matter who you are, all of you can wear this 14k gold rosary bracelet. Not only abroad, but also the others in different regions can wear it. 14K gold rosary bracelet can help to increase your prosperity dramatically so that you can realize this one. Wearing it as a God’s reminder that you must always live well and be virtuous. Your life becomes more and more lucky and develops. 

14k gold rosary bracelet
14K Rose gold rosary bracelet

Each region has a different way to pray with a 14k gold rosary bracelet. But there is an effective way that people usually do is that you just hold it in the middle and index fingers. Each of the guru beads, reading the mantras while pulling it toward them. This way is so simple. The number of gurus in your bracelet is small, which you multiply the times which you want.  Reading 108 mantras to repent the sins committed in the past. The perception of spirituality will be enhanced for updating yourself better. . Because of the birth of ancestors and parents that teach us a lot of ethics to be a good person. More than that, wearing white gold rosary bracelet makes your aura become more luxurious and look more elegant.

II. What is the meaning of the 14k gold rosary bracelet:

1. Good meaning in religion:

Members of various traditions such as Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism use prayers beads to mark the repetitions of prayers, chants of devotions, the respect of ancestor such as: the rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Catholicism, dhikr (remembrance of God) in Islam and jap in Hinduism, Similar Asks. God created this life. Because the birth of ancestors and parents teach us a lot of ethics to be a good person. If we do not have them, we can not have a chance to live. Due to the fact that you do now, you will more success in the future.

Beside that, the meaning of this bracelet also has a special meaning in Buddha. If you are a monk or a person who follows Buddhism, you can read the 108 mantras for repentance. Each of guru beads is a repentance with superiors. Your petitions can turn into reality because your Guardian always follows you. No matter who Catholic or Christian are , all of you can wear it. It brings a good power that adds to the lack of  remaining positive energy. 

2. An accessory that makes you look more beautiful:

A beautiful bracelet can also make you happier. Your daily outfit will be mixed and matched more luxurious and elegant than having no. The color of white gold rosary bracelet can be suitable with all types of clothes. You can combine the rosary  bracelet gold with cuff or an agarwood bracelet. Gold represents wealth and prosperity. This bracelet is a good item for presenting. Perfect for many occasions such as: Wedding, Anniversary, longevity ceremony,…

This bracelet is not difficult to make into a DIY 14k gold rosary bracelet. You need to prepare some gurus beads, transparency strings, lighter and charms (optional). Then you measure the length of the rope twice the size of your wrist, and knot one end. Thread the beads until the length of the rope is covered. Finally, tie the knot and heat it over the fire with lighter. If you do not heat the white gold rosary bracelet. It can make the scratches on the skin when exercising or moving.

3. Enhancing the perception in your religion:

Each of nation has different the believe of Guardian Each country has a different religious belief. In Asian countries, typically China, they wear red bracelets with the belief of wishing for luck. Red  not only means luck but also can attract fortune to the owner. As for this white gold rosary bracelet, people of any religion can wear it. Because it is made of agarwood, it has very good health benefits and is also a reminder to take time to meditate and be quiet. Not only the accessory on your wrist, it also an amulet in Buddhism.

III. Why must have at least one:

1. A Knotted rosary bracelet has a lot of advantages that you need to have one.

  • A good item for presenting. Perfect Religious Gift for GIRL. Perfect for many occasions for example: Confirmation, First Holy Communion, Baptism or Wedding. Your relatives and friends will especially like it.
  • Help eliminate negative energy thought out of your mind. Moreover, it also has a function to purify your energy. From that, you feel comfortable and relaxed; then having a quality life.
  • White gold rosary bracelet which can be a necklace in big size.
white gold rosary bracelet
rosary bracelet has a lot of special meaning in spirituality

If you choose a suitable pattern, you will have a vintage outfit that you want. It is really worthy to have one. Be a woman, you should have one to make your daily clothes look more interesting than ever. 

  • A Knotted rosary bracelet represents belief in a region. 
  • In spirituality, people usually use it to repent the evil that you did in the past. 

If you are a Buddhist or Catholic, all of you can wear it. It brings a good power that adds to the lack of positive remaining energy. Not only a beautiful bracelet, but also a beaded string for praying when you have free time.


2. Good for your health

The scent from this bracelet make you feel more comfortable when wearing it. This wood is safe to wear for baby. In case of, the baby put the bracelet into their mouth, it is not dangerous or poisonous. Moreover, it absorbs the essence of heaven and earth, purifying the energy. Moreover, You can wear it combine with ring or different red strings and cuff that you like. It will be beauty. The belief of this bracelet has been had from the ancient, which is good for your destiny in the future. The basic use throughout history has been as a method for keeping the mind focused on the meaning of the prayers or mantras being recited.

People usually wear this bracelet while meditating. It likely a reminder that you should spend the time for relaxing and mediation as well. The balanced life is need to have many elements to make your life perfectly. This is really important, helping release stress and anxiety.

3. Eliminate bad things:

This one as an amulet which is really helpful in the elimination of evil. Your mind will be fresh. The 14K gold rosary bracelet soothes your sorrow. Besides, it also is a magnet to attract money and prosperity. In Catholic, people believe that this bracelet is the reminder of God that you need to live well and having the moral. Due to these good things that you do in your life, you will receive the luck. Beside these 14K gold rosary bracelet is good, the other types are also as good as this one. Not really important that you have to wear which bracelet, the important here is that you like it; seeing that it is suitable for you which you can afford it.


IV.  5 Gold rosary bracelets must have by Thien Moc Huong

1. Pixiu agarwood beaded bracelet with 24K gold charm- classic:


agarwood bracelet
Pixiu agarwood beaded bracelet with 24k gold charm

This Pixiu agarwood beaded bracelet brings the abundance for its owner. The Gold charm made from gold 9999 which attracting luck and prosperity for you. Moreover, the shape of beads  also represent for fulfilment in your life. You should buy and try to wear it!

If you interested in this bracelet, you can see and check out this bracelet at here: Pixiu agarwood beaded bracelet with 24K gold charm- classic:

2. Single round lotus agarwood beaded bracelet with 24K gold- classic:


rosary bracelet gold
Gold lotus charm make you feel more protection of Guardian in Spirituality

The lotus charm represent the perception of spirituality in Buddha. Wearing this bracelet make your skin looked brighter and also is and accessory for you. This agarwood bracelet has a special point is that smaller gurus beads interleaved beside the bigger one.

The information of this bracelet is here, you can see and check out this link: Single round lotus agarwood beaded bracelet with 24K gold- classic

3. Pixiu bamboo agarwood bracelet with 18K gold- classic:

agarwood bracelet
Philippines pixiu bamboo agarwood bracelet with 18k gold

This bracelet brings the elegant for men which is suitable with all the types of clothes, from the casual clothes to formal clothes. The design of this one is has a specific is the gold dragon charm between the bamboo agarwood beads. The Pixiu bamboo agarwood bracelet with 18K gold- classic make you destiny better than the time when you haven’t worn it.

There is a detail of this bracelet, you can see and check out here: Pixiu bamboo agarwood bracelet with 18K gold- classic:


4. Double round nine- tailed fox agarwood beaded bracelet with 24K gold- classic:

14k gold rosary bracelet
Philippines nine-tailed fox agarwood beaded bracelet with 24k gold charm – premium

This bracelet has a special design that the others products. The parallel of beads make the different and beautiful for this accessory. Nine-tailed fox stone agarwood bracelet brings for you a lot of advantages. Washing the evil away, keeping the happiness in a couple, bringing outstanding luck on the road of love. Moreover, this bracelet also soothes your sorrow and releases anxiety and stress for the owners.

Here is the information of this bracelet, you can see and buy it at here: Double round nine- tailed fox agarwood bracelet


5. Double round pixiu agarwood beaded bracelet with 24K gold-classic: 

14K gold rosary bracelet
Double round pixiu agarwood beaded bracelet with 24k gold – classic

This beads is the longer version of the same materials of this bracelet. You also wrap into 2 layers to create a bracelet that you want. Agarwood bracelet with Golden charm dragon Pixiu is made from agarwood type of Laos. The Pixiu charm brings the elegant and luxurious for the wearer

If you are interested in this bracelet, you can refer it below: Double round pixiu agarwood beaded bracelet with 24K gold charm


Rosary bracelet gold in simplest terms is a tool used to aid prayer and meditation. The beads of a rosary count the prayers as they are recited out loud or in the mind. Relying on the rosary beads to keep track of how many times you’ve said a particular prayer allows you to clear your mind and meditate on your prayer more effectively. Most commonly recognized in the United States as a symbol of Catholicism, other religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism and Islam employ rosary bead traditions as well.

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